Jesse James

Death Hoax and Buried Treasures

Treasure Maps

Over the years I have acquired many things connected to Jesse James, including treasure maps. Some of the maps were handed down through my family and some were not.

The buried caches of treasure; said to exist in locations around the United States are alleged by some to be reminiscent of the treasure cache seen in the movie 'National Treasure'.

"Wells Blevins inherited another of the treasure maps from a member of the (James Gang) outlaw band (inset and redrawn). Although many of the landmarks were discovered, the gold of the 'Madrugada Estrella Mapa Oro' has never been found." (Source: Oklahoma Treasures and Treasure Tales by Steve Wilson.)

Treasure Map

This version of the Wolf Map is pictured in, Shadow Of The Sentinel, by Bob Brewer and Warren Getler, Simon & Schuster, 2003. I can only assume the version pictured below is a copy of the original map.

Jesse James Treasure
Wolf Map
Wolf Map

Source: Getler, Warren and Bob Brewer, Shadow of The Sentinel: One Man's Quest To Find The Hidden Treasure Of The Confederacy, Simon & Schuster, 2003

"The so-called "Wolf Map" has been around since the 1930s. According to Dwight Traina, (a treasure hunter from Lawton, Oklahoma) the map came from a cast iron teakettle buried in the Wichita Mountains of Southwest Oklahoma. Joe Hunter, a City Marshall of Rush Springs, Oklahoma, dug up the tea kettle in the 1930s. This tea kettle was rumored to have been buried by world class outlaw Jesse James.

"What are SOME of the signs and symbols that MIGHT indicate that you are in a KGC depository area?

Consider these Signs & Symbols : Radiant Sun, Trees in weird shapes ( disfigured ), Giant rock carvings or shapes ( animals, faces ), Rock piles/monuments, Crosses, Hearts, Bells, Animals, Numbers, Dates, Priests, Pyramids, Eyes, Graffitti, Jack O'Lantern Faces, Names, Initials, JJ, Dates, Bible Passages, 3-Toed Turkey Tracks, Blazes on trees, Odd-shaped rocks, Rocks that seem out of place, 33, Shallow buried metal objects, Small caches, Horse, Donkey, Turtle, Birds, Snakes, Indian Chiefs, Pointing Finger, Stone Maps, Names spelled backwards, Anagrams ( scrambled words ), Phonetics, Arrows, Crosses, Window Rocks, Dagger or Knife----JUST TO NAME SOME OF THE CLUES YOU WILL BE LOOKING FOR !"


Jesse James Death Hoax and Buried Treasures