1870s - Long skirt with little or no draping, a high collar, and slim-fitting sleeves

1880s - Dresses with elaborate draping, a bustle back, and a straight front, along with long, slim sleeves

1890s - Dresses with high, full sleeves, high collars, and straight skirts with bustles

1900 to 1910 - Gently puffed sleeves, loose-fitting, light-colored blouses, and narrow dark skirts or all-white dresses

1910s - Ankle-length skirts or dresses and simple, straight bodices or blouses

1920s - Straight silhouettes with tea-length skirts and appliqués and embellishments"

The photographs above provide convincing evidence James Courtney's true identity.  Note the enlargement pattern of her dress at right, which was proven identical to the dress worn in the Courtney family photo.  The Texas Department of Public Safety was able to confirm the match in the dress patterns shown above.

White carnations have been said to be Zerelda's favorite flower; they are pictured on the purported grave of Jesse James in the historically accepted photograph of Zerelda James Samuel at right.  It is entirely possible the white carnation pinned to James Courtney's mother's dress (at left above) may have come from the white carnations growing on the James grave in Clay County, MO.

Please View the Statement of Recognition from Visionics Corporation and the Statement of Recognition from William McCann of the Austin Police Departments Forensic Multi-media Crime Laboratory.

Dallas Hunt posted the following message on Greg Ellison's Jesse James Photo Discussion Forum:

Zerelda "Zee" Mimms

Cousin of Jesse James and commonly accepted by historians as his wife. Zee appears in both the James and Courtney family collections.

Whose Son is This?
Same boy in both photos - not Jesse's son, but perhaps his cousin's son?

The photograph inset at the far right is historically identified as Sarah (Sallie) Louisa Samuel Nickolson, half-sister to Frank, Jesse, and Susan James.  It is remarkably similar to the portrait of the unidentified woman at the left of this photograph, from the Courtney family collection. 


Incidentally, James L. Courtney named one of his daughters Louisa.

A Picture is worth a thousand words.  That is true but some of these pictures are worth volumes.  Authenticated by both facial recognition and forensic experts.

Jesse James Quantrill Reunion

Historically accepted photo of Zerelda James Samuel pictured in the book "Jesse and Frank James: The Family History", by Philly Steele, page 25.

Quantrill Reunion Jesse James
Jesse James Death Hoax and Buried Treasures

Visionics Statement

Reuben Samuel

Zerelda James Samuel, the mother of Jesse, Frank and Susan James, in a historically accepted photograph.  What is remaining of her arm is covered.  Her arm was amputated as a result of injuries received from the Pinkerton bombing of her home.

Frank James wedding
Statement of Authenticity

My family photo, above, of Grandpa's mother (James Courtney's mother) was positively matched to the known photo of Zerelda James Samuel, mother of Jesse James by Visionics Corporation and William McCann from the Austin Police Department's Forensic Multi-media Crime Laboratory.

Wood Hite

Type your paragraph here.

Here's one photo of the man known as James Courtney in Texas to compare to. Notice that he's wearing the same coat as in the newspaper. The collar has a long cut that reaches mid- torso level in both photos. Also compare his nose, and other facial features to the man in the newspaper. One in the same! - Dallas Hunt

Zerelda James Samuel, continued

Zerelda James Samuel, mother of Jesse James

Cropped image of the screenshot

Jesse and Frank James

Family Tree

Ebay photo screenshot

Historically accepted photo of Zerelda "Zee" Mimms.

William McCann, from the Austin, Texas Police Department Forensic Science Laboratory, has examined my Duke family photographs in comparison to historically accepted James family photographs and has issued the following statement of recognition:

Statement of Recognition

"After visually inspecting both sets of photographs (Dukes and historically accepted photos of the James family), the Austin Police Department Forensic Science Multi-Media Lab determined, with a high degree of certainty, that the faces in question match."

- William S. McCann
Forensic Science Multi-Media Lab Supervisor
Austin Police Department

Man in casket not Jesse James, but cousin Wood Hite

At left is the death photograph of the man historically identified as Jesse James.  I believe this man was actually Wood Hite, Jesse's first cousin and a James Gang member.  The man in the photo to the right was identified in Time-Life's Gunfightersas Jesse James; however, George Warfel and Phillip Steele dispute this as being Jesse James in their book The Many Faces of Jesse James.  I believe both of these assumed photographs of Jesse James to be Wood Hite, who was killed and buried under the identity of Jesse James.  Members of the James Gang often declared themselves to be Jesse to confuse people about his identity.

Jesse James and his family

The boy in this Courtney family photograph has been verified by experts to be the same boy as the one pictured in the insert portrait.  The boy in the insert photo is historically known as Jesse James' son, Tim Howard aka Jesse Edward James.  The persons in this Courtney family portrait are unidentified, but the I believe the woman to be Jesse James' half-sister, Sarah (Sallie) Louisa Samuel Nickolson.  The boy in both photos was identified by Visionics Corporation and the Austin Police Department's Forensic Multi-media Crime Lab to be the same person.

Jesse James aka James L Courtney on the viewers left and Frank James aka Fletcher Bagley on the viewers right. Jesse had the original of this image hanging on his living room wall.

The Visionics Corporation is a leading provider of fingerprinting, identification and information systems for law enforcement.  Visionics is also recognized as the leader in Face Recognition Technology.

In June of 2002, Visionics Corporation was merged with Identix Incorporated.  The merged company continues to lead its industry in the area law enforcement and identification technology including facial, fingerprint and biometric identification.  The company is particularly known for their Face Recognition Technology which has become so important and prominently featured in the media post September 11, 2001.

The team from Visionics Corporation (now Identix) examined the photographic evidence in June of 1998 and issued the following findings from their Research & Development offices in Jersey City, NJ:

Statement of Recognition 

"Dr. Joseph J. Atick and Megan G. Tormey from Visionics Corporation examined the photographs through computerized matching, analytical as well as visual inspection techniques.  They concluded with reasonable confidence that the faces in question matched each other and belonged to the same individual."

- Dr. Joseph J. Atick
Megan G. Tormey
Visionics Corporation

Frank James wedding

Tintype of Jesse James AKA James Courtney from Betty Dorsett Duke's Family Collection.

Quantrill Reunion

James Courtney attending a Quantrill reunion of former Confederate guerrillas?

Jesse James at Quantrill Reunion

This photograph comparison is indeed an important one.  Since the publication of my book, new facts have come to light which have continued to fuel the controversy over this photograph.  To read more about the "which arm is missing controversy" follow this link:  http://jessewjames.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/controversy-of-missing-arm.pdf
My photograph given to Mr. Hayes was marked "B", and the questionable photograph was marked "A" and they are referred to as such in the following statement:

The following statement from Corey Hayes indicates that someone did manipulate a photo of my great-great-grandmother to make it appear that she had two arms.  That "someone," in my opinion, was more than likely one of my relatives who wishes to keep the family secret about my great-grandfather being Jesse James hidden.

Frank James and Annie Ralston were married in Blevins, Texas in 1875.

Jesse James

This picture in no way represents all of the descendents of Jesse James aka James L. Courtney. The diagram is intended to show my connection to my great-grandfather.

Frank James

Dr. Reuben Samuel in both the James and Courtney family collections

To the right and above is the Courtney family photo of the man identified by Visionics Corporation and the Austin Police Department's Forensic Multi-media Crime Lab as the same person shown in the James family photo shown above.

Jesse James

Death Hoax and Buried Treasures

In this Courtney family photo, James Courtney's mother is clearly missing an arm.  Close examination of this photo reveals a large pin in the middle of her sleeve.  When I saw this photograph, I knew that my great-great-grandmother and Zerelda Samuel were the same person!

My family photo"unidentified," found in Grandpa's trunk.

Reuben Samuel

Dr. Reuben Samuel, stepfather of Jesse James, is pictured at right and the enlargement above shows his injured hand.  This is a historically accepted photo.

Jesse James AKA James Courtney and his brother, Frank James AKA Fletcher "Fletch" Bagley. 

Jesse had the original of this image hanging on his living room wall. When I asked my elderly cousin, the late Mae “Courtney” Thompson, if they were full-blood brothers she said yes. When I asked why the identification written on the back of a small copy of the photo she had in one of her photo albums showed that they had different surnames - "Grandpa Courtney and Fletch Bagley" - she refused to answer.  Mae always tried to keep the family secret of her grandfather (my great-grandfather) being Jesse James hidden in the closet after some of our relatives made it clear they didn't want it known. 

The front and back of the eBay photo follow:

Here is a close up of Jesse James AKA James Courtney in the 1921 Quantrill Reunion photo that appeared in the newspaper posted in the above post. Why is Jesse James alive 40 years after he was supposed to be killed? - Dallas Hunt

Left: The most famous historically accepted photo of Jesse Woodson James.
Right: Jesse James AKA James Courtney

Below is the link to the Statement of Recognition from William McCann of the Austin Police Department's Forensic Multi-media Crime Laboratory:  http://jessewjames.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/william-mccann-statement.pdf

William McCann opinion

Please also view the Statement of Recognition from Visionics Corporation and the Statement of Recognition from William McCann of the Austin Police Departments Forensic Multi-media Crime Laboratory.

My Grandpa is shown at the left side of this photograph, standing next to a man who appears to be the same John Brown who rode with Quantrill.  

The man in the inset at bottom right is identified as John Brown in Joanne Eakin and Donald Hale'sBranded As Rebels. 

The photograph of my Grandpa was taken at a Quantrill reunion.  

Ask yourself, "Why would James L. Courtney, a man who had supposedly served in the Union army, attend a reunion of the Quantrill guerrillas?"

Jesse James

Dorsett Bloodline

Betty Dorsett Duke's Dorsett bloodline courtesy of David Dorsett, Daniel Duke and Carol Holmes.  To view, click the button below...

Jesse James Family
Jesse James and John Brown

"This photo is located in The William Clarke Quantrill Man Reunions compiled by Don Hale. It was a newspaper photo of a Quantrill Reunion that appeared in the Kansas City Post in 1921. James Courtney is clearly visible in the photo between two Quantrill veterans. Miss Lizzie Wallace who held the reunions for over twenty years is the woman in the back. Jesse James AKA James Courtney appears to be wearing the same coat as he is pictured wearing in three photos in Betty's First Book "Jesse James Lived and Died in Texas." This proves he was none other than the legendary Jesse James!

For those not familiar, James Courtney is the large man on the left with the dark open coat. Take note of how everyone is looking directly at him as if they know they are in the presence of a so called "dead man"."

This important postcard was obviously made from the original copy of the original photo of the James family that I recently won on Ebay. One can determine it's a copy of the photo I won by the typewritten caption around the border of my original copy (pictured above) which clearly states that it is a REVERSED image of the original picture. Therefore the image on the postcard is in its original state, but whomever identified Jesse and Frank James mistakenly identified them according to the reversed image. Jesse James is the "tall man with the dark mustache" seated on the ground on the left in the postcard. Frank James is seated on the right wearing the white suit next to his bride Anna "Annie" Ralston. This postcard proves that long before I ever published my first book on this subject, (Jesse James Lived & Died In Texas, 1998), my great-grandfather had, unbeknownst to me, already been publicly identified as Jesse James. (Postcard Courtesy of Patrick R. Marquis)

The original image of the eBay photo is a tintype, and as seen below they were taken in the latter half of the 19th century (1850 and before 1900). Judging by this and by highlighted information presented below regarding the style of the women's clothing, the eBay photo was taken in the 1870's. I believe it was taken in 1875 to commemorate Frank James marriage to Annie Ralston. Again, given the fact that the original of the eBay photo is a tintype and the style of the women's dresses, I believe the eBay photo was taken in 1875.

"Tintype - Similar to the daguerreotype in that it had a metal backing, the tintype was popular for the last half of the 19th century. These images were made in varying sizes, but the most popular was about two and a half by three and a half inches. These images were also displayed in cases.

Women's Clothing
There was a great deal of change in women's clothing styles throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which makes it a great clue for dating photos. While men's clothing and children's styles changed over the years, women's clothing shows the most dramatic changes. Here's a general sense of how the styles changed through the decades:

1850s and 1860s - Very wide, bell-shaped dresses with a simple neckline and simple hairstyle

Photographic Forensic Analysis performed by qualified experts and World leaders in Facial Recognition technology agree:  Photographs of the man living in Blevins, Texas under the the alias of J.L. Courtney match historically accepted photographs of Jesse Woodson James.   
In addition, photographs of family members of the man living in Blevins, Texas under the alias of J.L. Courtney, match photographs of the family members of Jesse James.Perhaps the most convincing evidence is the stunning photographic comparison and similarities between family photographs of Grandpa and his mother and the historically accepted James family photos.
Follow these links to view some of the photographs and to see the statements from the experts who have examined these photographs personally .....

Some of these photographs take a bit of time to load, so have patience. To view the images at a larger size click the smaller version.

Jesse James Family

Enlargements show that the left hand in both photos appears to be deformed.  Dr. Samuel suffered cuts in Pinkerton's bombing that shattered Zerelda's arm.*

Please View the Statement of Recognition from Visionics Corporation and the Statement of Recognition from William McCann of the Austin Police Departments Forensic Multi-media Crime Laboratory.

*Notes: I believe that those serious cuts were on his left hand, and that because of the injury another physician besides Dr. Samuel probably performed the amputation on Zerelda's arm. I pointed out the previously unrecognized deformity to staff at the James Family Farm in Missouri.

Jesse's Half-Sister

Frank James Wedding

The man in the painted tintype image (above left – presented in black & white here ) is Jesse James AKA James L. Courtney (from my family collection). The image (above right) was identified as Jesse James by his historically accepted nephew, Arch Nicholson. This image (above right) was cropped from the eBay photo of the James family and friends for comparison purposes.

Screenshot Of The Ebay photo Of Jesse James' Family & Friends.

Authenticity Statement

Frank James aka Fletcher Bagley